Kingo Root Apk v4.8.0 Download For Android

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Download the single-click open-source Kingo Root apk for Android to root your Android smartphone and tablet devices. One-click rooting Android is clever, practical, and saves a lot of time and effort.

A cutting-edge rooting tool that will help you get root access is the Kingo Root software. You may even alter the Android kernel by rooting your device, giving you complete administrative access to the operating system. With only a single tap, all of this is possible.

Features of Kingo Root for Android

Some of the main features of the Kingo Root app for Android are highlighted below:

  • It is a unique rooting source of its kind that enables the user to root the Android phone with only one click.
  • The application is open-source and cost-free to use forever. The user has immediate access to every software update.
  • Its interface is fairly user-friendly and simple.
  • It doesn’t take long to root in its entirety.
  • It relieves the user of all the difficulty associated with manual rooting.
  • By gaining root access with KingoRoot, the device is protected from long-term harm.
  • The app is one of the safest rooting techniques and has been tested on a range of Android devices.
  • The app features a number of built-in rooting procedures that enable it to work with a range of commercially available Android smartphones.

The one-click root approach spares the user’s time and, most significantly, the need to do operational steps.

How to Install & Use King Root on Android?

The Kingo Root app may be installed quickly and opens the door for one-click rooting of Android devices. The following prerequisites must be met after the setup has been loaded on your Android device before you can begin the rooting procedure:

  • All of the data stored on the Android device must be backed up. It is safer to back up the data because it is possible that the rooting procedure would erase everything from the Android handset.
  • The device’s battery should still have ample life.¬†Ideally, it ought to be at least 60%. A low battery should not cause the rooting process to be interrupted, as this could seriously harm the phone.
  • The user needs to make sure their internet connection is fast. It is advised to have high-quality Wi-Fi rather than relying on data services.
  • The Android phone’s firmware should be restorable by the user.¬†To be able to return the phone to its initial condition in the event that anything goes wrong during the rooting procedure.
  • The Android phone’s “Allow installation from unknown sources” option should be enabled by the user. This option can only be disabled once the rooting process is complete. The menu item for settings contains the option. Go to security after that and allow unidentified sources.
  • The phone’s home screen will show up when Kingo Root has been loaded. The screen features a lock in the center and lists the device model and Android version at the bottom. A tab displays the one-click root option that is offered. When a user presses the button, the app immediately starts rooting the Android device.


On my phone, how can I install Kingo Root?

Then, click the file you have downloaded and choose “Install.” After downloading Kingo Root APK.

When installing Kingo Root using an APK file, is it safe?

Absolutely safe and secure, yes, the Kingo Root software file.

Will data be lost if I upgrade the Kingo Root application?

There shouldn’t be any data loss when updating the app using an apk file.

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